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Discovery Channel Kids Spark Robotic Arm

Product Features

Robotic Arm moves up/down and 360 Degrees
Power Indicator and Timer
Motion Control for Gripper and Elbow
Motion Control for Arm and Wrist
Comes with Activity cards and Parent Guide

Product Description

Gearing up to explore robotics, the scientist lays out all the pieces and with the help of their lab assistant, deftly fits them together. In no time it’s show time. Working between two joy sticks the scientist controls the robot. The arm moves up, down, right and left, the wrist slowly rotates to the left and then…carefully the gripper opens and closes. Ready to test the dexterity of the arm, the scientist signals to their lab assistant and the building begins.

Congratulations! Using the Spark Robotic Arm your Young Scientist and you have just assembled a communication station from the ground up. Your Young Scientist is well on the way to a lifetime of learning, Exploration and discovery.

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