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Elenco Escape Robot Kit (soldering required)

Product Features

Build Your Own A.I. Robot
Get a hands-on introduction to robotics
Create obstacle laden paths and see how your Escape Robot reacts
Soldering required, soldering iron and solder not included
Brought to you by Elenco Electronics, the same company the brings you Snap Circuits

Product Description From the Manufacturer

Build your own A.I. Robot. Escape Robot introduces budding engineers and scientists to the world of A.I. (artificial intelligence) and robotics. Using a microprocessor and three infrared emitting and one infrared receiving module, Escape Robot “thinks” on its own. It processes information about its environment and maneuvers itself around obstacles. Two sets of different legs allow for different types of movement. Soldering is required. Soldering iron and solder, not included.

Product Description
A series of Robot Kits for the future engineer. Build these kits and find out how much fun electronics & mechanics can be ! The Escape Robot Kit works just like an A.I. robot. It never fails to find its way out of a maze. The Escape Robot uses 3 IR emitting diodes and 1 IR receiving module to send and receive signals and detect obstacles. The Escape Robot’s built-in microprocessor enables it to “think” on its own: it gathers and processes information on its environment so it can avoid any obstacle. The Escape Robot moves about on 6 legs. This kit comes complete with 2 sets of differently designed legs that move in their own distinct way. Fun and excitement are guaranteed! Dimensions: 140 x 150 x 100mm Also known as Velleman KSR4 Requires (4) AA batteries (not included)

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