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WowWee Robotics Roboquad

Product Features

  • Advanced Awareness
  • Light Sensor
  • Sound Sensor
  • Personality Settings
  • Unique Movement
  • Product Description

    Product Description Liven up your living room with the Roboquad, a four-legged, spider-like robot with unprecedented mobility and awareness. The Roboquad is designed with advanced sensory awareness, helping it react quickly to the surrounding environment and pursue a moving object in any direction, including forward, backwards, and sideways. When an object such as a cat or a remote control car passes, the robot’s head swivels around so it can monitor its environment without moving. After it sweeps the room with a tightly focused infrared beam, it makes rapid decisions about how to react to its environment. Once it identifies the object–the sensitive infrared detector can see objects as far as 13 feet away while also identifying their size and spatial details–the Roboquad heads out in one of three speeds, navigating through doorways and detecting table edges in the process. Your cat will meow in amazement, as will your guests.

    The robot offers five scanning sequences: a Smart Scan, which examines the surroundings and then reacts if anything changes; Scan Left and Scan Right, where the robot turns and faces any object within a 3-foot range; Approach Nearest Object, during which the robot looks left and right while ramping up the scanning range, and then moves toward the closest object found; Escape Walk, where the robot selects the largest open space and moves toward it; and Flinch Response, which helps the robot respond to quickly approaching objects. In addition, many of the Roboquad’s decisions are based on its three controllable personality settings, one each for awareness, activity, and aggression. A more aggressive Roboquad will react quicker to approaching objects than a mellower Roboquad, for example.

    The robotic arthropod offers more than just movement, however, with multicolored flashing lights and techno sound effects. The Roboquad also boasts four usage modes: Direct Control, Autonomous, Guard, and Sleep. Direct Control mode invites you to control the robot’s direction, style of walking (such as crab walk, stomp walk, or rotation walking), and head movements, while in Autonomous mode, the robot interacts with his environment as he moves through it. Guard and Sleep modes, meanwhile, are designed for downtime. In the former, the Roboquad visually scans the environment and stays alert for noises, then scares off intruders with a series of crazy sound effects. In the latter, the robot automatically falls asleep after five minutes of inactivity and then powers down after 24 hours.

    The robot owes its imaginative movements to its agile rotating legs and articulated neck, all of which respond to the machine’s advanced artificial intelligence. And watch out when the Roboquad feels like getting down, as the machine includes a built-in dance demo along with a more traditional movement demo. Other details include 72 preprogrammed functions, up to 40 programmable moves, a built-in light sensor that reacts differently based on the ambient light, and a four-layer, full-function remote control. The Roboquad, which is designed for children ages eight and older, requires four C and three AAA batteries (not included) and measures 8.5 by 9 by 12.5 inches (W x H x D). It’s also backed by a 90-day warranty.

    What’s in the Box

    Roboquad, remote control, user’s manual.

    Product Description

    Roboquad is an inquisitive robot with unique movements and an advanced sensor array. You can completely alter his personality and behavior by changing his awareness, activity and aggression fields. The full-function remote comes complete with 68 different functions, and he’ll react in extraordinary ways. Roboquad even has an extended battery life for prolonged missions. Requires 4 “C” and 3 “AAA” batteries, not included.


  • Remote Controller – 68 function, illuminated remote controls Roboquad’s movements and behavior
  • Advanced Awareness – Roboquad is more aware than any other robot thanks to his IR scanner and advanced A.I. Able to spot movement from up to 6 feet away, he can also search for and navigate doorways, and detect table edges
  • Light Sensor – When the light goes out, Roboquad keeps going, turning on his head-mounted LEDs. His reactions and behaviors change as darkness falls
  • Sound Sensor – Roboquad reacts to sound by quickly scanning his environment for intruders
  • Personality Settings – Control Roboquad’s autonomous behavior and the way he reacts to your presence by setting the Awareness, Activity or Aggression states to low, medium or high using the controller
  • State of Awareness – Roboquad’s awareness level affects the amount of information he processes through his sensors: at higher levels, he’ll see everything and spend more time in active scanning routines
  • State of Aggression – His aggression level affects his reaction to sensory input: high levels make him more angry and aggressive, and low levels make him more nervous and shy
  • State of Activity – At high activity levels, Roboquad will be more active and travel further distances and at faster speeds
  • Unique Movement – Roboquad’s state and level settings influence his unique movements. Leave him in autonomous mode to swarm around his environment, or use the remote to control him directly
  • Measures 12″L x
  • WowWee Robotics Roboquad2

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