Product Description
* “The Spycam” Live color picture with sound transmits to your TV to explore anywhere… And sometimes where you shouldn’t.. With over 150′ range. Includes 6 large, all terrain wheels to take your robot anywhere you want to explore.
* Over 300 parts to create endless combinations of radio control robotic activity and learning experiences. Design and build endless configurations.
* Partially assembled with the claw, arm tower and wheel sub-assemblies already built, you can have a working motor in less than an hour. Then you can tear it apart to make your own unique robot.
* “The arm” reaches high and low to grab.. Whatever…”The Claw” Strong enough to pick up a 12 ounce can, and sensitive enough to pick up a feather.
* For kids 14+ and their parents who want to mix fun and exploration with science and technology education.

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