* Need Patience to download the software and instructions before use it. Robotic arm that everyone is familiar, the hospital’s surgical robot, the factory in the industrial manipulator, even though you’ve seen on TV or in the field, but its large body and high price, so that we stay away, and now We developed a small low-cost 6 Degrees of Freedom Robotic Arm, we can fulfill the dream of a robot to play!
* Gripper Specification Size: 65mm x 60mm x 27mm Maximum size of mouth opening: 40mm Maximum size of mouth with pads: 34mm
* Robotic Arm Specification Voltage: 4.8V-6.8V Max Current: >5000mA Arm Height: 320mm Weight: 600g
* Package Content 1x LG-NS Gripper 3x U shape brackets 4x Multifunction brackets 1x L shape bracket 3x Bearing 1x 180° Advance Rotation Base 2x Hitec 311 servo 1x DF05BB high torque Servo 1x DF15MG high torque Servo 3x Bearing Cup 1x Screw sets 1x USB SSC32 Servo Controller 1x USB cable 1x 9V Power Cable 1x Debugging software(beta) 1x Batteries Carrier Base rotation, single plane shoulder, elbow, wrist motion, a functional gripper, and delivers fast, accurate, and repeatable movement.
* USB SSC32 Servo Controller Specification: This product is a USB interface, no serial port to facilitate desktop and laptop use. USB port to upgrade the firmware functions to provide convenient and quick. Interface: USB/TTL(baud rate 2400/9600/38400/115200bps) Size: 58.5mm x 76.2mm Resolution: 1uS 0.09°,1uS/second, 0.09°/second Servo range: 180°and 360° Controls Servo: Up to 32 servo motors(PWM/TTL) Compatible lynxmotion RIOS Arm Control and SEQ Visual Sequencer software…etc Provides 4 analog / digital signal input terminal, can be set at rest or latch. Bluetooth module and APC220 provides wireless data transmission interface for remote control. Provide ISP download port, for use of development. baud rate using the two DIP switch settings, to avoid the jumper is not stability. Support for Futaba, Hitec and most common Servo. Supply Voltage: 6V – 12V or USB power (with self-recovery fuse, easy to use for debugging) Servo Supply Voltage: 4.8V – 7.2V Withstand current: each side 10A, 32 Road, the maximum 20A Download: Lynx SSC-32 Terminal USB-SSC32 Command Formatting Lynx SSC32 USB Driver

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